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Being Able to Command Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be the Boss

Have you been to a restaurant or something where the manager just freaks out to the employee for not doing something according to how the manager wants it to go?
Or have you ever seen a housewife abuse her maid for no apparent logical reason?

You don’t get things done well by treating people like animals.

Jerome Garot is not an animal!

Even though media and TV try to let you believe that all humans are like animals, this is not the reality. Humans are able to think about situations and often enough come to rational solutions how to handle them.

So why is it that some people have a ton of followers and some people can’t even get anything done through their friends?

A lot of the time it’s just defined as an X-factor, someone just has it or not. But I believe you can learn anything.

A few utilities one can keep in mind when you want to get something done through someone else:

•    Have good manners, this consists of communicating in a clear and understanding way and showing that the other person has an importance.

•    Have a reason to actually need the person to do it, and reflect that reason to him so he knows why.

•    Make sure the command has an ethically and morally correct action; else you are risking the person’s perception of right and wrong.

•    Be confident and show it, you must really have your intention on the command. You WANT it done. Not in a forceful way, but in a very strong confidence.

These are actually things you have to just apply to really see how it works; just reading it on my blog and knowing it won’t actually get you anywhere.

As I have pointed out several times, application of the actual learned theory is what makes you capable in this business world today.

In my business administration degree I had communication drills; this actually makes you able to confront people better. It’s just continually training your leadership and ability to get things done.

This has all the knowledge you need to know about communication, what does it consist of and how do you use it correctly?

My favorite course was the sales training, you get about 26 drills that you keep doing until YOU feel comfortable about it. The other communication courses were a lot of fun too, you get to really connect with the other students this way also.

Every entrepreneur has a little insecurity about starting out and getting to command all these people, it takes some responsibility and confront which this training can really boost for you.

Jerome Garot

Source: Jerome Garot ‘s Hubbard College Blog


Because Trampolines Get Boring Soooooo Fast

You don’t get stuck on a trampoline or a rollercoaster just in life. Businesses can get into this seemingly endless cycle themselves.

Where many people would say “Oh, well that’s life….”, I would say “Let’s find a solution” and go out and handle any problems that have come my way.

I wasn’t always like this, in the past I would just avoid the problem, go around it, or just accept its existence and live with it. This is what most people do, most of my friends at home too. This isn’t the right thing to do I’ve realized.

As long as a problem goes unhandled, it will keep you under in some way or another. It might just be a little extra weight, but could also be your biggest barrier to succeeding in life in general.

Jerome Garot seems to have a problem.

So what made me change that way of handling life? In studying for a business administration degree, you learn to organize so that problems don’t happen very easily. Now what if it explains it in such a way that makes it able to even apply it in your life?

Many see work as the biggest annoyance in life, but that just means they don’t get their job well enough and they haven’t organized it in a way that makes it enjoyable for them.

There are certain very basic laws in this world that hold you back, it’s not bad luck, it’s not the weather, it’s often a hidden suppressive source.

The Hubbard College gave me these really great solutions to everyday problems that help me in widening my capabilities in choosing a career and pursuing it. It has removed a lot of barriers for me and made me realize that the sky is not the limit. In fact there is no limit whatsoever.

Jerome Garot

Source: Jerome Garot ‘s Hubbard College Blog

Because When You Flip a Coin in Your Career, You Often Find Yourself on the Ground Looking – for Both

Isn’t it just frustrating when you don’t know what to do? What do you base your decisions on? Money? Family? Pleasure? And after looking back, was it the right thing to base your decision off on? In life you can find yourself looking at some major decisions, attaining a college degree, buying a house, walking up to that girl you like…

So how do we decide on these things? Usually friends or family who ‘know all about it’ enlighten us on these decisions, but who says they made the right decision in the first place?

Jerome Garot just can't decide!

Now I’m not saying to be a rebel and go against everything others say, my mom still tells me what I should bring with me when I go on a date. (Awkward cough.)

– I’m just saying that with all this data in life, you should be able to get the valuable data from it and then decide on your OWN what the right decision is. Kind of like a filter.

If the question “HOW?!” just popped in your head, don’t worry. I’ll explain.

Personal and career development is something that takes some people a lifetime to figure out, the biggest question often being “Who am I?”. Some are not even real to themselves. They have no direction in life, and just don’t know what to do!

Jerome Garot doesn't know his own name anymore!

In my previous blog I talked a little about leadership, every person being one in one form or another. It is important that people know this.

– When they say “I can’t be a leader.”, they are wrong because they are already one!

Now when you make a decision by yourself, you must have some code that you reason with to make it seem logical. You have it right this moment, the question is, is it an ethical one? Is it right?

Even as a CEO, you have your business administration degree, all this knowledge, but who is benefitting from your decisions? Just you? Or the whole company?

I have learned in one of the earlier and easiest but very beneficial courses, a logical code to think with that I can follow in making almost any decision in life and business. It looks at all aspects and doesn’t leave anything out, you truly get to see what is best for the most number of aspects.

The courses at the Hubbard College are all unique in their own way, and this is just another of my experiences with them.

Jerome Garot

Source: Jerome Garot ‘s Hubbard College Blog

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover, and Never Judge a Businessman by His Suit

Have you ever seen a “suit” who just doesn’t produce, but still makes a lot of money? (If you’re thinking about Michael Scott from the Office, erase it and think of someone YOU know in your vicinity.) And on the other hand, have you seen someone who works his or her butt off who doesn’t get paid a dime?

Jerome Garot, Employee of the Month

– Maybe this might even be you. A hard working student who gets a B, compared to the cheating student who gets straight A’s. It’s not fair.

I’ve seen it happen a lot, where someone works at a company for a long time and he wants to start making more money, because he’s increasing his life, maybe buy a house, get married, etc. He’s working at this company for 10 years and STILL the promotion depends on how nice he is to the boss or how close he is related to him.

Now this just isn’t right.

A position in a company should not be based on this; neither should it be on your knowingness about things. It should be based on PRODUCTION.

– What can you produce that is valuable to the company and thus making you a valuable asset to the company?

If you’re looking at continuing education after high school, or just getting a business administration degree after your college, the Hubbard College is a great college to teach you the accurate way of doing business and being a professional. In addition they provide 100% job placement after graduating the associate degree.

What I like about this, is that the companies who are associated with the college base their promotion and salary on statistics – actual recordings of the production amount.

– Most of the companies are from old graduates/alumni and apply the business administration technology that the school gives. (And they are really nice guys too, makes you see a different side of businessmen and women.)

So yeah, this has helped many of my graduated friends get started in the business world, it makes it way easier than just being thrown out in the real world after 4 years like most colleges/universities do.

Jerome Garot

Source: Jerome Garot ‘s Hubbard College Blog

Defining Leadership and Creating Smart & Efficient Leaders at the Hubbard College

Jerome Garot, future leader of Earth.

Leadership is often confused to be some amazing natural trait someone is born with, this is not true however. All leadership consists of is the ability to give and enforce orders that work towards visible and positive accomplishment.

Everyone is a leader in its basic form. When you decide you want to get some food, you give your body an order to go and get some, and you keep persisting on it until you get that delicious food!

When you look at a broader picture, you decide you want to sell 20 books today and you know out of experience you can sell 9 books a day. This leaves you 11 books unsold! You then order 2 of your sales employees to sell 6 each today. Problem solved.

Now we look at a BIG picture. You are the CEO of a company and people look to you for answers to all their problems, you are a leader in the sense that you can influence them. But are you truly showing leadership?

– Leadership is not cleaning up people’s mess. It’s giving them the right orders to do it themselves.

I can guarantee you if you’re running a business, you have done this – or are still doing it today.

I realized I’ve done this numerous times, and when I finished my Effective Leadership course (included standard in the Associate degree) I completely found new ways to be a leader and an executive.

I had an even better realization after I finished the Policy course and learned about policies. This makes you able to stop problems from recurring, it’s like writing a manual that people can go to each time they have a question.

I loved it, and still do.

Jerome Garot

Source: Jerome Garot ‘s Hubbard College Blog

Turning Luck and Uncertainty into Continuous Expansion and a Steady Income

If you have been interested in business at all, even if only a little, you’ve probably heard lots of statistics where half of new businesses don’t survive the first years of establishment, or something of the sort.

Now why is that? I’ve heard many excuses, and they never seem very convincing.

Jerome Garot reading the latest news.

“The economy is bad” being the leader in excuses. People read the news and get bombed with it; this is then their excuse for everything that’s going bad. The (un)funny thing is, half those people don’t even know what “economy” means.

Here’s a definition.

“The management of the use of the income, products and resources of a country, state, group etc.” – Modern Management Technology Defined

You see here then, I emphasized the word management. If people truly knew this definition, they would realize that their own “economy” was bad. Their own management and control of their business is off.

They think their problem lies with the country or the world (which is not a wrong assumption because in some way it does), whereas actually their problem lies within their knowledge of business administration and the application of it thereof.

Just because the government is fiddling with the country’s economy, doesn’t mean you can’t do something about yours.

Here at the Hubbard College, some of the other students have been to other California colleges studying for college degrees in business administration.

–    All say that they had a feeling that the other colleges just didn’t give them anything they could truly work with.

I want to be an entrepreneur, and I want to be successful. With the education I get in my Associate degree I have learned how to handle and control any organizational situation that has to be handled in a company.

One of the most important things I have learned is not to cut back on spending, it’s rearranging it to things that will get you MORE money. It’s a simple realization, but if you want to know WHERE to rearrange it, drop me a line to see how I can help you get vital data for your life and your company.

Jerome Garot

Source: Jerome Garot ‘s Hubbard College Blog

The Difference Between “Business in Books”, and Business in the Real World

When looking at the current state of affairs in the business world, one can’t help but wonder where it all went wrong. For many politicians, pointing their finger and blaming innocent organizations seems to be their solution. This all makes it pretty obvious that they’re just trying to ignore their responsibility for ruining the economy and the lives of people who are part of it.

Jerome Garot is not to blame!

Right now, being able to DO things goes a lot further than being able to just KNOW things. This is what students and entrepreneurs must be focusing on in choosing a career to pursue.

I’ve been interested in business administration for several years and had some college experience back in The Netherlands, where I’m originally from, and I couldn’t find myself being able to actually apply what I had learned and had been taught (but apparently did get a good grade on).

• Many of my friends just want to get their business administration degree and then start making some money. This traps them in the “9 to 5 drag”.

• Their education gives them nothing that they can think with for themselves and then need to be worked in for 2 years at a company from which they never seem to be able to leave from.

• They didn’t learn the fundamentals of expansion in life nor in business.

• They can’t confront expansion, because they never really learned HOW to do it, and what it actually consists of.

I left after my first year at The Hague College and moved to Los Angeles by myself to start a program at a school that really caught my attention. This was the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA). After my initial orientation at the college, I just knew this was different than anything I had ever encountered before.

I started immediately when I received my student VISA and after one year I have been sent out to numerous businesses to apply each theory course in the real business world.

Thanks to this different way of educating, I actually have the confidence that I will be able to use everything I have learned.

I am currently finishing my Associate Degree and am going to pursue Consultant Programs right here at HCA.

Jerome Garot

Source: Jerome Garot ‘s Hubbard College Blog