They Call it a Mini Hat, But It’s More Like a Crown
Bow Down for Jerome Garot!

Bow Down for Jerome Garot !

I have been a Hubbard College associate degree graduate for a couple of months now, and have just finished one of my consultant programs, Executive Director Mini Hat.

I thought the associate degree program was amazing already, I never would have imagined I could gain SO much more.

Imagine you train your whole life to be an incredibly fast runner, you run and run and run and make your legs strong. But you never learned how to get out of the starting blocks.

You can be this amazing fast runner, but without a strong start, you WILL fall behind and most likely not end up first.

I realized I was a really fast runner, but had a slow start.

How was I going to build a strong starting foundation?

I learned how to organize, the complete fundamentals of how to run an organization. Unfortunately I wasn’t confident in it I realized.

Some people have this natural talent for it, I could honestly look back at myself now and see that I was not that lucky myself. But now I see that I do have that ability, and that that ability can be learned!

I like that I don’t feel like I need to find a job, I can create jobs for other people.

I have really stepped up the planning for my future company, I have such a stronger confronting level that I can handle workers with, that I have become very confident in my success. Even more than before.

And believe me, I was confident.

Jerome Garot