Because Sitting Around Waiting For Something to Happen Will Get You Nowhere


Jerome Garot waiting at the busstop.

Sometimes we all look for answers, solutions to those aaaccching questions we have. Where am I going? What’s the point of it all?

I used to be like that.

I sat around, hung with friends, played games, chased girls, slept, studied, etc.
But then came a point in my life, where I realized that I wasn’t going in any direction at all, even though I had told myself I wanted to become successful one day.

And I wish that point had come to me a lot earlier.

I got up and started looking for answers; I looked for it in my own country. I even thought I had it for a while by doing Commercial Engineering. I finished the first out of four years and found out it wasn’t the solution.

I then got a lousy job (because I couldn’t get hired because of my inexperience), worked at it for 2 years, didn’t get me anywhere.

Luckily my dad came to me one random day in May, and said there might be something for me to “just take a look at”. This was a slick looking Business Administration College in Los Angeles called Hubbard College, I said “Why not check it out and enjoy the sun while I’m there?”

Who would have guessed that was the best decision of my life.

I quickly signed up for the Business Administration Degree they offer.

I now not only get a great education, I get actual experience.
They send me out to companies as an apprentice, and eventually as an intern, to actually learn to APPLY what you study.

This seemed like such a good idea, they even HELP you find a job.
And they have gotten about every graduate one, isn’t that amazing?

When are you going to get up?

Jerome Garot

Source: Jerome Garot ‘s Hubbard College Blog